Monday, April 19, 2010

25 Things I Must (A.S.A.P.)

1. Thread my eyebrows
2. Take Pepper for a walk, she badly needs a physical activity
3. Use chopsticks the right way
4. Get my college diploma at UPM
5. Buy, well better to say, invest on make-up
6. Have a regular coffee or date with ubest!

7. Outing with CESTIMA with orcom friends
8. Get a sauna and body scrub
9. GYM
10. GYM (2x para may emphasis)
11. Go on a diet or better yet slimming pills!
12. International trip
13. Buy another watch
14. Revamp my style and my wardrobe
15. Find a new...
16. Have my wisdom tooth extracted
17. Get overly drunk
18. Fulfill my fantasies (hahahaha)
19. Get Yuan a nice haircut after we cut his hair hehe.

20. Get myself a new look, despite my burnt hair strands (wag kayo magpapa-treat sa Justine Barbara!)
21. Have a date with Pao

22. Visit Mama – my Lola in Batangas
23. Get the Selecta ice cream, Chocolate Truffles or Choco Almond Fudge Or Blizzard nalang kaya?

24. Open a bank account
25. Have a biz! Mini biz, online biz, whatever biz!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Open Letter for my Tot

To my little Wacko,

I know this sounds silly, but there are a lot of things I’ve been wanting to tell you lately.
You’ve surpassed babyhood (congratulations!) and now that you’re 1, you surprise us with your funny moves, charms, wit and hyperactivity.

I can’t help but remember those nine months you were still in Mommy’s tummy.

But first let me tell you how we felt when we learned of your existence. Mommy was at awe, I’m sorry I did not let you feel welcomed at first, it was never planned but it was Bro who planned for us. Daddy felt nervous coz you see having a baby (more than actually having a wife..haha) is a big responsibility - its game-over for him. The first time we saw you and hear your heartbeat it felt like as if I was awaken from my easy-go lucky self and hallucinating for seeing what lies ahead  – big tummy, weight gain, being talk of the town, sleepless nights, bills (etcetera..etcetera), and of course a new label for us - The Daddy, the Mommy & the Baby, but you know what Wantot, thereafter, we felt blessed and excited of course!

Our lives were literally and figuratively altered, but I want you know how we struggled and faced all the consequences that struck us that time – just for you. 

I remember how you entertained us in my womb with your callisthenic-like movements as mommy splurged on ice cream and chocolates; I knew you love ‘em so you didn’t want to go out on time but all of us were eager to see you so Mommy with your two Lolas went to the hospital for a CS. You made it easy for Mommy for not having a labor at all he..he.. And for that Thank you Sweetheart.

I can say you are one lucky kid surrounded by people who love you and take care of you. And your Daddy and I are crazy for you.  So my Yuan, make our family proud, give them respect and wag maciado bigyan ng sakit ng ulo ha? I don't mean to be making demands on you so soon but I want you to return the favor of being loved.

They say time flies quickly (at totoo, big boy ka na!) so I have made a few promises to you (in no particular order :p):

·         I promise to remember that you will be a toddler  for a little while and so I’ll let you do silly things to let you discover the world (But there are some exemptions:  like pulling the cabinet, eating the floor mat & slippers (si Pepper nga di gingawa yun eh), or playing with the broken tiles in the dressing room);
·         I promise to be once in awhile be a total idiot with you like making funny faces and silly dance moves;
·         I promise to talk to you often, to answer your never-ending whats,  whys, and buts.
·         I promise to take wonderful pictures of you and our family so you will have tangible proofs of how adorable you were and para marami akong mapakita sa future girlfriend mo;
·         I promise to watch Sesame Street with you even I’ve already memorized the songs and how it irritates as it viciously play in my mind;

·         I promise that even if you don't want to, I will let you eat vegetables and fruits so you grow up healthy;
·         I promise to never stop reading Smart Parenting and Babycenter articles to be a better and cool parent to you;
·         I promise to give you a playmate, but not too soon ha, two years from now maybe. *Winks* I wonder what you want a Sister or a Brother.
·         I promise to realize that you have to make your own mistakes sometimes and its not for me to protect you at all times.  Ill let you have those afternoon biking, or play patintero, kahit pag-uwi mo amoy pawis ka na or wag naman sana, may sugat ka (Pero I can still buy you more toys or let you play computer games or have a guitar lesson so you stay inside the house.. Joke!).
·         I promise to expose you to the world, let you watch Discovery with Daddy (except that WFF whatever wrestling thing), go to various places on a vacation, spend weekends together even in the grocery store, and I wll let you play at Fun Ranch or Timezone for hours (while mommy window shop).
·         I promise to learn the art of cooking kid-friendly foods so you’ll have yummy ‘baons’ at school (na dapat ubusin ha).
·         I promise that one day you will have long drives with your Lolo and Lola at Mommy’s side (But I can’t say when sweetie, but it’ll surely come).
·         And last but not the least I promise that Daddy and Mommy will stay intact together, to be examples of love, respect, and love to God. I also promise that if one of us scolds you, the other will act as your confidant. Hindi ka naming pagtutulungan – promise! 

O ayan ha. It’s a deal sweetie. I love you and If only I could, I will make things better for you. But for now, I want you to watch your Sesame Street so I could do some chores and wash your bottles.

Love lots,


Saturday, November 21, 2009

To bike or not to bike

that is the question.
Saw this  at sm and let yuan tried it. haha.. 
Im half-hearted. I promised myself not to splurge on things that dont matter.
but. cute eh.. and love ata ni Yuan. So help me decide.. hehe..

Visit my link and vote!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Youngmom's Learnings 2

On hygiene & sanitation.

When I was in 3rd year college I had an amoebiasis & suffered from major stomach ache, diarrhea, fever, and weight loss (which I thing was a blessing..haha). Same culprit attacked Yuan’s stomach in his 3rd month which surprised all of us since were overprotective of him & his things. I just learned the cause when I do the sterilizing of his bottles myself (because my then helper resigned), since the Farlin sterilizer Im using is automatic, I lifted the body and saw the murky water almost overflowing. Hindi pala nagpapalit & naglalagay ng water ang bruja. Since then I never let the helper touch Yuans bottles.

And just to attest that once you caught an amoeba, you’ll have it for life, my amoeba pet was triggered by the isaw I ate in Boracay. While Yuan had it again 2 weeks ago. Here are some of my suspects :

1. Rubber Ducky & family
Yes its fun to have them at bath time but also store water in them that your baby might drink.
When I cleaned al of them, water still drops with greenish-moss-like something inside.

2. His Fisher P blocks
Its colorful & bulky, but once you leave it for days , dust & dirt will surely be there.

3. Walker’s toys
Most walkers have detachable toys, be sure to clean them atleast once a week and you’ll be surprised on the dirt you’ll collect.

4. Teether
As early as 6 months old, babies start to grab and swallow anything. It’s the teeting period and of course we give teethers. Make sure its always clean & stored in a clean, safe place.

All four of them, and now 1&2 said their goodbyes to Yuan for now.
Im sleepy. Guess have to end here nalang muna.

Monday, October 19, 2009

JZ's Christening

Im thrilled to be chosen as one of the godmothers since its my first inaanak to a friend (at Paolo’s side) coz none of my superfriends in h-school nor college have had their child yet. Yes.. no need to emphasize, im the first (& proud) mom in my circle.. hehe..

James Zachary Catembung Lopez is the 3-month old angel of our friends Jen and Joseph. Baptized yesterday, October 18, at St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Canlubang Laguna.

I would like to commend the officiating priest for being ‘sarcastic’ & a bit joker (haha) for the crowd to respond and be attentive. What’s worth mentioning are his lecture to godparents :

1. Memorize and remember both the complete name and spelling of your inaanak;
2. Visit your inaanak once in awhile;
3. Be there when parents need help or your assistance;
4. Be a good example to your inaanak;
5. At Christmas time, wag magtago; the kids will visit you not just for the gifts or money but just for them to ‘bless’ or mag-mano.

Don’t worry Zach (I preferred Zach talaga. hehe), I mean JZ , Ninang Marg & Ninong Pao will be the one to visit your house since mama-masko din si Yuan sa inyo. Hihi..

Reception followed at their residence where sumptuous lunch was served. Yuan enjoyed the balloons and JZ’s big tarp, while baby JZ slept for awhile and when recharged entertained his guests.

Congratulations Jen & Jlo for having JZ, savor every moment with him while still a baby, coz one day you’ll wake up he’s already having drinking sessions with Yuan and their friends. Hihi..